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kensen Upgraded 6D Head Shaver for Bald Men

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KENSEN™ 7 合 1 電動刮鬍刀套件

正常價格 $49.99
銷售價格 $49.99 正常價格

KENSEN™ 磁性 7D 電動刮鬍刀套件

正常價格 $59.90
銷售價格 $59.90 正常價格

KENSEN™ 割草機 S10 系列

正常價格 $25.99
銷售價格 $25.99 正常價格

KENSEN™ 刀頭替換刀片

正常價格 $32.00
銷售價格 $32.00 正常價格

Kansen 3 合 1 全身毛髮刮鬍刀組合套件

正常價格 $35.99
銷售價格 $35.99 正常價格

KENSEN™ USB 負離子直髮器

正常價格 $39.90
銷售價格 $39.90 正常價格

KENSEN™ 磁性 3D 浮動刀頭電動刮鬍刀

正常價格 $19.99
銷售價格 $19.99 正常價格

KENSEN Double-Sided Vertical Blade Shaver Set

正常價格 $36.90
銷售價格 $36.90 正常價格

What People Are Saying

"I was very skeptical at first, as I've been using razors for 10 years now. I tried it with the 30-day money back guarantee. Come to find out, it really works and I really like it! I'm going to subscribe and become a member!"

Dave Lee

"My wife got this for me. I used to use a razor, and would get cuts and burns, and it would take forever to shave. This is really convenient and I'm thankful that she got it for me. Really easy to shave behind the ears, great product!"

Victor Mihailov

"These are the truth, for real. I've been using blades forever on my head, and always got nicks, cuts, scratches. This thing, the ease of use, the closeness, it's phenomenal! It makes shaving so much easier than a blade!"


"The thing I love about it is how close it shaves. But secondly, I love the fact that it's easy, operates nicely, and only takes me two or three minutes to shave my head. It gets nothing on me, because it captures all the hair!"

Dale Gibson

Thank you very much, I received it, you could have made a more protected package and sent it, I just haven't tried the product with the smashed end of the box, thank you for the fast shipping

kevin lawrence